Our story begins in 1928 in Florence, when the Chiaverini Brothers established a small business for the production of jams and preserves in the industrial area of “Rifredi” district, in the outskirts of Florence. 

The selection of fruit was rigorous and came from local farmers. Brought to the kitchens of the family business, it was transformed into excellent jams, then packaged in small wooden tubs called “MASTELLI” delivered by bicycles in wicker baskets to the shops around the city.
At that time, the product was sold by weight in oiled paper. 

Our “Mastello” Jar:
iconic packagiong that means tradition

In the 1930s, the iconic jar made in cardboard and aluminum was launched. Due to its uniqueness and extravagance immediately became a “must-have” item on the florentine tables.

 After a few years, rge commerce expanded rapidly from Florence, not only in Italy but also abroad, managing to cross national borders with its products, thanks also to representatives of the English Embassy.  For the small F.lli Chiaverini business, a period of great success and growth began. 

As the presence in Tuscan shops expanded thanks to an extensive distribution system, it became increasingly common to see Chiaverini bicycles with their wicker baskets leaning against the walls of Florentine buildings.

Our growth in the roaring '60s

The tradition continued, but the great industrial revolution of the 1960s also impacted Chiaverini, requiring investments to ride the wave of growth. In terms of production, the pots in which fruit and sugar were boiled were replaced by boilers designed by the brothers themselves, capable of doubling production while still maintaining the tradition of “homemade” products.
Logistically, the bicycle gave way to the Lambretta, which was specially outfitted to handle home deliveries to the city’s shops.

Innovations in the 1980s

In the 1980s, Chiaverini strengthened its R&D laboratory to control the quality of production in all its phases. New recipes were developed for new, increasingly sophisticated consumers, such as the organic line. In 2012, a new, larger and more modern plant was built on the outskirts of Florence, although some processes are still manual. The company’s aromas and tradition can still be felt in every corner. 

Still today, Chiaverini jam is the most beloved product in Florentine pantries, especially for its offering of original and unique flavors that have no competitors in the market.