Two classic red fruits for two of the most popular flavors that pay homage to kings summer fruits.

  • Raspberries jam retain some of seeds in the pulp to impart an unmistakable taste and texture.

Ingredients: raspberry, sugar. 

Organic ingredients are used for the BIO Jam. Control Body authorized by MiPAAF: BIO 007. Controlled operator: P94I.

Gelling agent: fruit pectin.

Acidity regulator: citric acid.

Fruit used: 50g per 100g.

May contain almonds.

Gluten free.

Nutrition values for 100G

Energy 987 Kj 236 Kcal

Fat 0,1g
of which saturates 0,0g 

Carbohydrate 57g
of which sugars 57g

Fibre 2g

Protein 0,7g

Salt 0,0g

Available in formats:

Mastellino Jar 320 gr

Glass Jar 370 gr